Sonia, the Pomegranate Red Lipstick

Crafted for South Asian skin tones using color theory

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The Subtle Neutrals

Our three bestselling lipsticks come in neutral and subtle shades that blend effortlessly into two-toned South Asian lips.

Your Words, Not Ours

  • Brown girl here! I came across this on TikTok and instantly knew I needed to support this business somehow. I’m personally hesitant about matte lipsticks so I got myself Neha. The packaging is gorgeous. We love the gold case! And that’s not even it. This lipstick is literally amazing. It looks like my lips but better. The perfect everyday lipstick for my skin tone. Super pretty and it feels so comfortable on the lips. 100% would recommend to everyone. Can’t wait to see what else they release. I’m a forever fan <3

    Naomi | Neha Sheer Lipstick
  • I'm still in the process of figuring out my make-up routine and have bought something like 15 lipsticks across the light-dark spectrum, hoping that at least one will make me feel confident and free - like I put some makeup on, without necessarily trying to make a statement. Nyla was the lipstick I didn't know I needed! Its the perfect blend of pink-brown-purple that makes putting on lipstick feel like the easiest thing (as it should be!). No being careful to put just a little, no dabbing with tissues after so that its not overwhelming; just easy. Thank you for building a brand that caters to south asian skin tones and lips, what a win <3

    Navishti | Nyla Soft Matte Lipstick
  • So I have two toned brown ish lips but this lipstick is just so flattering and perfect for everyday. On me it looks more like a brown pinky nude color! It also just looks so good with gloss! Helps that my name matches as well :)

    Riya | Riya Soft Matte Lipstick
  • I LOVE the Neha lipstick shade. I’ve always had trouble finding the perfect shades of lipstick for my two toned lips. Nothing ever looked right. This is the first lipstick that matches my lips perfectly and looks natural. I can’t wait to order the other colors. I’m so thankful for this brand!!

    Josmin | Neha Sheer Lipstick
  • My husband - whom I have been with for 19 years - has never liked any of my lipsticks or lip glosses. Maybe one in the last 19 years. Usually his issue is with the color, but also he usually hates the texture when I go to kiss him. Today I asked whether he likes my new lipstick and he said he does!
    I still wear what I like, but it’s such a bonus that he likes it too!! I can go and give him kisses and the lipstick doesn’t annoy him. He even likes the color. This is a win!!!

    Kalai | Nyla Soft Matte Lipstick
  • I love this bright sheer color on my two-tone lips. Perfect for warm weather

    Rachel | Anisha Sheer Lipstick
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The Jojoba Oil Sheer Lipsticks

Infused with jojoba oil, castor oil, and vitamin E, our sheer lipsticks add a perfect tint of color to your natural lip tone. Moisturizing, buildable, and light enough for on-the-go.

The Bold, Classic Shades

For those who like sophisticated, highly-pigmented, brown-based statement shades, Riya, Shivani, and Pooja are for you.

Lipsticks Based on Color Theory

Color theory tells us that skin tone and lip tone influence how a lipstick ultimately looks. That's why finding flattering lipsticks is hard, especially if you have a South Asian complexion featuring brown skin and multi-tonal lips.

Teak uses the principles of color theory to research and create lip products in shades and formulas that flatter and brighten up South Asian complexions, rather than washing them out.

Color Theory for South Asians